Monex Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) delivers an unrivalled stand alone and Integrated service to acquirers worldwide.

The convenient DCC service offers cardholders an option to pay for the sales transaction in the currency of their credit card, or the currency of the country where the sale takes place, with the benefit of competitive FX rates.

Generate reliable ancillary monthly revenue with a transparent transaction process, fully insulating your business from foreign exchange (FX) risk exposure.

DCC is particularly favoured by business travellers; as the exact charge and FX value are determined at the time of transaction, allowing faster expense claim submissions.

Experience the financial benefit of intelligent application of DCC margins with adjustable DCC parameters by sales location based on high footfall tourist and business traveller hot spots and high value spend potential. Acquirers and merchants benefit from this new ancillary revenue stream with an easy to use, automated application.

Customers enjoy the simplicity of a purchase with no complicated FX calculations required at the counter.

This profitable partnership benefits all stakeholders in the POS DCC initiative producing a positive impact for your bottom line.

Your retail team is fully supported by our professional DCC trainers to ensure revenue opportunities are optimised.

Monex DCC solution for POS includes the supply, installation, customisation, integration and deployment in hosted, technical and business environments.

Contact us today to learn how Monex DCC will generate extra revenue for your business.


Maximise DCC acceptance rates at point of sale with card scheme compliant procedures. Proactive DCC training and education for customer facing staff is a key element of operational success for a DCC Merchant. Monex’ training techniques are grounded in proven, proactive best practice procedures. We deploy experienced trainers to work with your merchant portfolio POS staff. Employees become knowledgeable and confident with DCC regulations and processes.

Our experience demonstrates that focused training achieves consistently greater DCC acceptance at POS. We recognise staff efficiency is important and with this in mind we have multiple training options available to suit your staff rotations. Each training exercise is tailored specifically to the merchant needs while also ensuring minimum impact on the normal course of business. Monex’ vast experience in training both at a merchant and acquirer level ensures that we have an abundance of knowledge to bring to bear in both planning and implementing whatever training programme is most beneficial. In addition, Monex ensures continuous monitoring of merchant performances so as to drive optimisation across your DCC business.

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Dynamic Currency Conversion DCC for ATM