Rate Management Solution

Monex are experts at foreign exchange (FX) management. We deliver greater transparency than any DCC supplier.

We deliver complete disclosure of margins and uplifts applied on behalf of our clients and share treasury and FX revenue with you.

Our FX management solutions include the supply of a base currency set of rates for local currency or Euro,

FX market trading and the provision of up-to-date rates for up to 160 currencies. We customize rate management software to ensure no changes are required to your existing systems or procedures.

All transactions can be routed for authorisation and settlement through our comprehensive treasury system.

We will manage all your foreign and domestic transaction processing with your acquiring bank.

We can also support banks unable to accept multi-currency transactions. We efficiently “net off” the currencies, e.g. GBP from Euro regions with EUR from the UK region, or Euro from the US region with USD from Euro regions.

Clients are fully insulated from any FX rate fluctuation, buy/sell rate differential, or treasury dealing rate source commissions.

We provide transparent reconciliation reporting and consolidate to your settlement bank account of choice.

MONEX can provide settlement to merchants in either the original transaction currency, or the card currency, or a combination of both. Euro files settlement option examples:

  • 100% in EUR
  • 100% in the card transaction currencies
  • Specific USD amount per file and balance in EUR

Benefit from our key market experience and supportive treasury team to deliver valuable FX profits to your bottom line.Contact us today to learn how Monex DCC will generate extra revenue for your business.

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