This Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) solution comprising on-site installation, allows acquirers to process multi-currency DCC transactions using existing processing platforms.

Easy to install, the solution is directly integrated with existing process architecture with minimal system impacts.

The front end DCC application drives the presentation of the DCC offer at POS whilst ensuring accurate data mapping all the way through clearing and settlement.

This solution supports implementation integration and straightforward deployment with existing systems with minimum impact on a client’s host and clearing processes.

The solution supports ATM, POS, eCommerce and mobile environments delivering greater opportunities to expand your services to new customers and new markets.

As DCC industry leaders, we provide technical and commercial expertise to facilitate multi-currency and DCC solutions, supported by our dedicated 24x7x365 support services.

This innovative solution is in active use for Monex clients around the world, generating significant reliable additional monthly revenue with a transparent transaction process.

Insulate your business from foreign exchange (FX) risk exposure with this safe, secure solution.

Proactive education and training is offered for all merchant point of sale staff to maximise DCC acceptance.

Processing, settlement and reconciliation procedures remain unchanged.

Receive settlement in your local currency. Enjoy the benefits of fully synchronised currency and transaction reporting.

Contact us today to learn how Monex DCC will generate extra revenue for your business.