Why Monex?

Founded in 1997, Monex are very proud of the results we have produced for our many clients by capitalising on the efficiencies that have emerged in the niche market of Dynamic Currency Conversion. Monex' dedication to providing an optimised DCC service has facilitated the growth of our clients.

Monex solution is used today by a number of banks and large merchants.

DCC Multi-Currency - Outsourced Solution

Monex offers an end-to-end Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) multi-currency solution supporting an acquirer’s existing processing infrastructure without any complex and costly system impacts.

As industry leaders, we bring expertise in delivering a configurable end-to-end multi-currency DCC solution supported by a dedicated 24 x 7 x 365 specialist team.

This shared, secure, low cost solution with high value revenue potential for acquirers unable to support multi-currency transactions.

The solution supports ATM, POS, eCommerce and mobile environments delivering greater opportunities to expand your services to new customers and new markets.

When a cardholder accepts DCC, the transaction is directed to the Monex multi-currency DCC system for authorisation and clearing.

Ineligible DCC transactions and user declined DCC transactions are authorised, cleared and settled through the acquirer’s current transaction flow.

Multi-currency transactions can be complex and high risk. To alleviate any FX exposure for our client, funds are settled and converted by our treasury division to the requested currency resulting in added profits.

Generate reliable additional monthly revenue with our transparent process safely insulating your business from FX risk exposure.

Proactive operational DCC education and training is available as required promoting enhanced DCC acceptance.

Contact us today to learn how Monex DCC will generate extra revenue for your business.