Why Monex?

Founded in 1997, Monex are very proud of the results we have produced for our many clients by capitalising on the efficiencies that have emerged in the niche market of Dynamic Currency Conversion. Monex' dedication to providing an optimised DCC service has facilitated the growth of our clients.

Monex solution is used today by a number of banks and large merchants.

DCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion) is a specialist service, which allows non-domestic credit card transactions to be processed in the Cardholder’s home currency.

The Cardholder is offered a convenient option to pay in the currency of their credit card or the currency of the country in which they are making a purchase or ATM cash withdrawal.

On acceptance of DCC by the Cardholder, the transaction remains in the selected currency option throughout the processing and settlement stages.

Both Merchant and Cardholder know the precise authorised transaction amount.

The DCC process converts the transaction at a competitive FX rate.

In delivering the Dynamic Currency Conversion solution Monex will:

  • Generate a new source of Income – Process DCC transactions with Monex and increase your revenue potential.
  • Improve your Customer Service – Foreign cardholders know the exact transaction total in their home currency.
  • Result in Fewer Chargebacks – No surprises for cardholders, their credit card is billed in the same amount that appears on their receipt.
  • Deliver a Complete Solution – Avail of Monex treasury exchange rates, multi-currency enabling, transaction processing, back end reconciliation, settlement, reporting, funding and support.
  • Give you a Timely and Seamless Process – Our solutions are modified in line with your current process.
  • Provide an Unmatched Experience – Monex has a proven record and is the world leader in DCC solutions.

The Customer receipt displays:

  • Local currency amount
  • Exchange rate
  • Amount in the Cardholder’s chosen currency

Contact us today to learn how Monex DCC will generate extra revenue for your business.