Monex DCC is deployed at more than 79,000 ATMs around the world. DCC benefits IADs as a value-add revenue generator.

Monex DCC solution benefits all stakeholders in the ATM DCC initiative, including the cardholder.

We deliver a positive impact to your bottom line with a recurring monthly revenue stream while interaction with your processor interface remains unchanged.

To maximise your profit potential, system intelligence enables adjustable DCC margins and parameters, per single ATM or ATM group.

With the addition of the Monex DCC solution, international card holders can withdraw funds at ATMs in local currency while conveniently being charged for the transaction in the home currency of their card.

With a simple onscreen DCC selection, the user knows the exact transaction value and foreign exchange (FX) risk exposure is eliminated.

DCC is particularly favoured by business travellers as the exact charge and FX value are determined at the time of the transaction allowing for faster expense claim submissions.

Generate long-term additional revenue for your business while cardholders enjoy the simplicity of a transaction without complicated FX calculations.

The Monex DCC ATM solution for IADs includes the supply, installation, customisation, integration and deployment in cloud-based or installed environments.

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