Provide Customers with their local currency using the Monex Multi-Currency Pricing (MCP) Solution. MCP provides a local feel to an eCommerce page, regardless of where the Merchant is based, or where goods and services may be shipped from.

Pricing delivered in your customers local currency can help your business achieve higher international sales, higher percentage sales conversion on your web traffic.

MCP delivers your global customer with pricing in their local currency, avoiding any foreign exchange exposure for both merchant and customer.

Merchant transactions are settled in the exact amount of your home currency with a simple integration to your existing web site and payment page.

Monex MCP removes the need to monitor and reconcile multiple foreign currency accounts and overseas banking relationships, whilst offering the benefits of sophisticated multi-currency settlement reporting.

Benefits for your business include:
  • Completely remove foreign exchange currency risk for you and your customers.
  • Maximise the effectiveness of a your International marketing campaigns.
  • Monex provide guaranteed exchange rates directly linked to your merchant’s catalogue and payment pages.
  • Your Customer selects their currency payment choice from a drop down list.
  • The exchange rate is guaranteed through the full duration of each transaction.
  • The Merchant is paid in your local currency.
  • Generate extra revenue potential and stable margins for every MCP sale.
  • Facilitates effective currency management eliminating currency risks.

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