Why Monex?

Founded in 1997, Monex are very proud of the results we have produced for our many clients by capitalising on the efficiencies that have emerged in the niche market of Dynamic Currency Conversion. Monex' dedication to providing an optimised DCC service has facilitated the growth of our clients.

Monex solution is used today by a number of banks and large merchants.

Settlement System

The funds flow follows the same path as the card schemes (Visa and MasterCard).

  • You will benefit from revenue generated by the currency conversion of foreign card transactions is shared.
  • Daily settlement is provided in local currency. The merchant or bank is never exposed to foreign currency risk
  • Comprehensive reporting is provided for all daily transactions summarised by currency and card type.
  • Reporting is local currency based. Your current reconciliation procedures are unaffected.
  • Reporting can be conveniently accessed via our web based reporting system.
  • Monex provides full transparency and audit trails on all your transactions.