Why Monex?

Founded in 1997, Monex are very proud of the results we have produced for our many clients by capitalising on the efficiencies that have emerged in the niche market of Dynamic Currency Conversion. Monex' dedication to providing an optimised DCC service has facilitated the growth of our clients.

Monex solution is used today by a number of banks and large merchants.

Triple Platinum Guarantee

We aim to provide the best rate at all times. By selecting DCC when using your credit card at POS/eCommerce/ATM, you know the exact value of your transaction at the time of purchase/cash withdrawal.

Exchange rates offered by Monex are competitive and comparable to VISA and MasterCard rates.

If you obtain a better exchange rate on a transaction on the same day from your card issuer, we will refund you 333% of the difference between the price calculated using the Monex exchange rate at the time of the transaction and the calculated exchange rate offered by your issuing bank.