Treasury Management

Monex treasury and rate management service guarantees a profit enhanced settlement solution. Monex solutions are adaptable to client requirements and easily integrate with existing payment procedures. Cross-currency transactions can be complex and high risk. Using our expertise and market knowledge, we remove the FX risk & insulate you from FX exposure. We provide electronically updated exchange rates for 160 currencies and can handle your entire cross-currency conversion settlement & reconciliation.


Exchange Rates

  • Monex wholesale rate
  • Guaranteed best exchange rates – elimination levies
  • FX rate setting parameters
  • Value related rate yield adjustments
  • Supplementary margins on portfolio surplus and shortfalls generating additional revenue potential
  • Bank exchange rate boards and issuing banks FX margins
  • Visa & MasterCard rates


Settlement System

The funds flow follows the same path as the card schemes (Visa and MasterCard).

    • You will benefit from revenue generated by the currency conversion of foreign card transactions.
    • Daily settlement is provided in local currency. The merchant or bank are never exposed foreign currency risk
    • Comprehensive reporting is provided of all daily transactions summarised by currency and card type.
    • Reporting is local currency based. Your current reconciliation procedures are unaffected.
    • Reporting can be conveniently accessed via our web based reporting system.
    • Monex provides full transparency and audit trails on all your transactions.

BIN Tables

Monex provide clients with the up-to-date BIN Table range in the DCC sector. This comprehensive range of BIN Tables significantly improves the DCC revenue potential for our clients.

Monex maintain a margin database of global issuing banks enabling the Monex system to identify the margin in real-time applied by the bank for international credit card use.

Monex apply this information to ensure the margin applied to the end user is less than the bank margin. This enhances the customers experience using DCC and assures the improved competitiveness of our clients.



We take the challenge out of merchant refunds.  Refunds to cards use the same payment currency that was used for the original transaction..

As per Visa regulations, in order to reduce disputes and cardholder enquiries, it is recommended that the refund is processed in the currency of the original transaction, i.e. if the cardholder paid in US$ then the refund should be in US$.


Each bank has a unique retrieval, chargeback and re-presentment processes.

Monex will work within existing processes in accordance with a banks code of practice. Retrievals, chargebacks and re-presentment are an integral part of the reporting information Monex provides to clients.

Exchange rates are electronically constantly updated ensuring that accurate and current conversion rates are available at the time of each transaction.

Cardholders can conduct business with confidence, knowing the exact amount of the transaction, in their home currency.

Triple Platinum Guarantee

We aim to provide the best rate at all times. By selecting DCC when using your credit card at POS/eCommerce/ATM, you know the exact value of your transaction at the time of purchase/cash withdrawal.

Exchange rates offered by Monex are competitive and comparable to VISA and MasterCard rates.

If you obtain a better exchange rate on a transaction on the same day from your card issuer, we will refund you 333% of the difference between the price calculated using the Monex exchange rate at the time of the transaction and the calculated exchange rate offered by your issuing bank.

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