Your Partner for seamless, automated FX currency Solutions.  Our agnostic solutions effortlessly integrate with processing networks, delivering revenue, reliability and efficiency for businesses worldwide. Experience the convenience of Monex’s cloud-hosted, real-time solutions for foreign exchange in both card present and non-present transactions.

Dynamic Currency Conversion


Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) is a revolutionary financial service that streamlines international card payments, providing benefits for both cardholders and businesses. With DCC, non-domestic card payments can be processed in the cardholder’s home currency, offering a world of convenience and financial opportunity.

For cardholders:

Imagine having the freedom to choose how you pay while traveling or shopping online. DCC empowers cardholders with this flexibility. When you make a purchase abroad, whether at a point of sale (POS), through eCommerce, or withdraw cash at an ATM, DCC offers you a convenient option. You can decide whether to pay in your card currency or in the currency of the country where you’re making the transaction.

When you accept DCC, the magic happens behind the scenes. Your transaction remains in your card currency throughout the entire process, from authorization to settlement. This means you know exactly how much you’re spending in your own currency, avoiding unexpected exchange rate fluctuations or hidden fees. It’s a simple choice that makes international transactions more transparent and hassle-free.

For Business:

DCC isn’t just a win for cardholders; it’s a strategic advantage for businesses too. A DCC transaction process creates a new revenue stream from the Foreign Exchange (FX) element of the transaction. Acquirers, processors, merchants, and ATMs all stand to benefit.

By offering DCC, businesses can attract more international customers who appreciate the option to pay in their familiar currency. This can boost sales and customer satisfaction, ultimately enhancing the overall shopping experience. Moreover, businesses generates additional income from each DCC transaction.

Multi-Currency Pricing (MCP)

In the world of eCommerce, the key to international success lies in creating a local feel to your global audience. Monex MCP (Multi-Currency Pricing) makes this possible, ensuring that regardless of where your merchant business is based or where your goods or services are located, customers can effortlessly view transaction costs in their local currency.

For Business: The beauty of Monex MCP lies in its simplicity. With easy integration to your website, your business gains the power to achieve higher international sales and improve conversion rates on your web traffic. Say goodbye to the hassle of monitoring and reconciling multiple foreign currency accounts and overseas banking relationships. Monex MCP streamlines your financial operations and delivers sophisticated multi-currency settlement reports. Transactions are settled in your merchant’s home currency, eliminating FX exposure for both you and your valued customers.

For Customers: Your customers will appreciate the seamless experience. They can browse your website and view prices in their familiar local currency, creating a sense of trust and familiarity that promotes purchasing decisions. This localization not only boosts customer confidence but also removes the uncertainty associated with fluctuating exchange rates.


Treasury Management

Foreign exchange currency transactions can be complex and high risk but you can benefit from our settlement and reconciliation expertise with NO FX risk exposure. 

Monex treasury and rate management service guarantees profit enhanced settlement, are adaptable to client needs and easily integrated with existing payment procedures.

We provide electronically updated exchange rates for 160 currencies and can manage your entire currency conversion, settlement and reconciliation.

Benefits for your business include:


New revenue is generated from  cross-currency settlement for our clients. Funds follow your current procedure path. Daily settlement in local currency.  Comprehensive transparent reporting and audit trails via online portal.

Rate Management

FX management service includes the supply of a base currency set of rates for local currencies. Clients are fully insulated from any FX rate fluctuation, buy/sell rate differential, or treasury dealing rate source commissions. 

Monex Rate Feeds

We provide FX market trading and the provision of up-to-date rates for up to 160 currencies. We customize rate management software to ensure no changes are required to your existing systems or procedures.

Refunds & Chargebacks

Refunds are made using the same transaction rate as per scheme regulations. In line with the unique retrieval, chargeback and re-presentment process of each bank, the transaction conversion rates are used.

Monex Technology

Monex has developed and wholly owns all the technology solutions used in the provision of our services.

Our technology is built to provide the architecture to interconnect with client payment systems and provide support capabilities to optimize revenue opportunities. 

Monex Dynamic Conversion Service (DCS), is live in some in the largest DCC operations in the World. The DCS is a real-time system that determines DCC eligibility, with as infrastructure to reply to rate requests.  

The solution has full disaster recovery architectures/infrastructures in place, as required by the most demanding DCC deployments.

We support more than 470 million secure DCC transactions annually.  

SPEED TO MARKET:The implementation approach is intended to support clients go live  with the DCC service within 8 to 12 weeks of finalisation of commercial agreements.


Tokenized & Encrypted

Speed to Market

Certified PCI-DSS

Card Scheme Compliant