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Monex Financial Services.

We are the leading global provider of Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) by transaction volume complemented by customized Treasury Management Solutions. Operating from headquarters in Kerry, Ireland, Monex annually process transactions from 50 countries valued in excess of €59 Billion .

We assist Acquirers, Processors, POS and eCommerce Merchants, ATM Networks, Credit Card VAT Refund Companies and Payments/Rebates to Credit Cards.

Monex Solutions provide fully transparent payment processing with Dynamic Currency Conversion generating new revenue streams for our clients within their existing payment chain.

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We provide a comprehensive range of bespoke FX Treasury, DCC and MCP solutions for Point of Sale (POS), integrated systems, eCommerce and ATM networks tailored to local requirements while supported by a global network.

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Our Credentials.

Frank Murphy, Monex’ Founder, Owner and C.E.O., invented Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) in the mid 1990’s. DCC was first implemented with the Irish Hertz Rent-a-Car Franchise in 1996. Hertz subsequently became Monex’ first International client in 1998. Monex is not tied through ownership or investment to any banking Institution and therefore provide completely impartial currency conversion, processing and card-based acquiring solutions, delivering fast and effective strategic decisions to impact your bottom line.

As the world’s largest provider of DCC solutions supporting a global network, Monex offers integrated systems tailored to local requirements. We serve a wide geographic area and varied industry sectors including: retail, financial services, eCommerce, hospitality, travel and gaming. Monex DCC is available in 50 countries within Europe, Middle East, Russia, US, UK, Nordics, Baltics and Asia Pacific.

We host an impressive client profile including: SIBS, Switch Commerce, Hertz, Ryanair, Bank of China, several large Duty Free Clients, VAT Refund Companies, and top ranking Hotels. We continue to increase our Merchant portfolio in conjunction with major Acquiring global banks.