& Reconciliation

Settlement & Reconciliation

Monex is an expert in settlement and reconciliation of FX transactions. Our bespoke settlement & reconciliation options will form an integral part of your back office.  We offer an expansive range of currencies to suit your business needs. All multi-currency accounts balanced to zero daily. All FX exposure removed with complete procedure transparency.

Treasury Management

Monex treasury and rate management service guarantees profit enhanced settlements, are adaptable to client needs and easily integrated with existing payment procedures.

Cross-currency transactions can be complex and high risk. Benefit from our expertise with NO FX risk exposure. 

We provide electronically updated exchange rates for 160 currencies and can manage your entire currency conversion, settlement and reconciliation.

Benefits for your business include:

FX Rates

Monex guarantees best exchange rates with elimination of levies and value related rate yield adjustments. Supplementary margins on portfolio surplus and shortfalls generate new revenue opportunities. 


New revenue is generated from  non-domestic card transaction conversions for our clients. Funds follow the same path as the card schemes. Daily settlement in local currency.  Comprehensive transparent reporting and audit trails via online portal.

BIN Tables

Monex maintain a real-time margin database of global issuing banks. Identifying margins applied by the bank for international credit card use results in margin competitiveness and revenue potential for clients.

Refunds & Chargebacks

Refunds are made with the transaction rate as per scheme regulations. In line with the unique retrieval, chargeback and re-presentment process of each bank, the transaction conversion rates are used.

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