VAT Refunds

Monex “click of a button” simplifies prompt payments/refunds to customer’s cards while maintaining your current payment/refund scheduling process.

Decrease long, frustrated customer queues associated with cheque payment/refund methods and increase staff efficiency.

There is typically no capital expenditure incurred to implement the solution or one-off/recurring software, license or maintenance fees.

Modifying your current claim/rebate submission form allows customers to include their credit card details and accept the payment/refund transfer to their account.

The payment/refund value settled by Monex on your behalf will accordingly be greater than the original transaction value. The FX element managed by Monex, generates additional revenue for the VAT refund provider, while delivering a fair exchange rate to the cardholder.

Implementing the Monex DCC solution will not only minimise time, effort and costs associated with international transfers, but also generate an important new monthly revenue opportunity for your business.

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