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The highly competitive travel industry means that Airlines must compete on wafer-thin margins with many relying on ancillary sales to boost their bottom line. Monex FX solution for airline payments delivers continuous incremental revenue. When DCC is introduced, it translates into a significant additional percentage gross margin on every fare paying by non-domestic card. 

Monex airline solutions are developed to easily integrate with 3rd party applications and airline GDS.  All systems are maintained in compliance with PCI DSS and card scheme regulations. Using key proprietary technologies Monex solutions can be tailored to individual airline requirements and support you in a constantly changing payments eco-system.

Increase Profits

DCC gives transparent payment pricing to ‘foreign’ passengers by conveniently converting the fare payment amount into the currency of the payment card. Importantly, DCC captures a significant additional profit for the airline during the conversion process. MCP is can also be integrated for card and alternative payment methods. 


Monex’ integrated REST API is an interactive application with secure connectivity between the airline host and Monex host. Typically, the API  directly integrates to the web payment page or airline booking engine to support mCommerce. This cloud hosted solution ensures a  seamless passenger experience.

Settlement &
Cost Recovery

Monex treasury service ensures savings for airlines on staff and audit costs, recovers charges associated with payment settlement methods and cost recovery of transaction fees. We work with 160 payment currencies and create additional profit opportunities for clients within the reconciliation process.

Airline Clientele

Monex has 23 years of eCommerce payment experience, generating tens of millions of dollars annually for clients.  We’re proud to count Europe’s largest low-cost airline as a valued client since 2000. Monex’ battle-proven solutions are used by demanding and exacting low-cost and full-service airlines around the world. 

Treasury Management

We deliver a one-stop FX solution from booking commencement to payment conformation receipt, maximising efficiency and cost-saving measures. Monex  back-office treasury services simplify reconciliation and further revenue optimisation.  The settlement and reconciliation service reduces costs associated with reconciling the multiple payment method options. No FX exposure and manage all acquiring bank expenses and a set of treasury accounts for all supported currencies.

In addition, our transaction cost recovery service enables Airlines to recuperate booking transaction processing costs Interchange, Acquirer and Car Schemes. Airline system calls to API and Monex returns the fee(s) amount for inclusion in the final fare charge to the customer on the PSS. 

Payment transactions routed to the most favourable acquiring transaction path in real-time. Acquirer-agnostic functionality gives real power to move payment business to the most competitive service provider.


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