Unlock Revenue and Reduce your FX Risk with the Monex Multi-Currency DCC Solution.

DCC is used globally at point of sale, eCommerce payments and cash withdrawal transactions at ATM.

Empowering Acquirers and Processors

Generate additional revenue from multi-currency payment transactions. Our real-time HTTP API simplifies integration and streamlines the process for both you and your merchants.

Increased sales: Merchants can increase their sales by offering DCC to international cardholders.

Reduced risk: Merchants can reduce their risk of chargebacks by offering DCC in the cardholder’s familiar currency.

The perfect End-to-End FX Solution

Simplify complexity and maximize profits with our comprehensive  DCC solution  The service supports existing payment procedures.

Reach new markets: Offer DCC across ATM, POS, eCommerce, and mobile channels, attracting new customer segments and industries.

Profit optimization: We convert funds strategically to maximize your bottom line.

Works with your existing procedures: Our solution integrates with your existing processing infrastructure, minimizing disruption.

Seamless for your clients: Even declined or non-eligible DCC transactions are handled smoothly through your existing procedures.

If you would like to simplify your operations and boost profits, contact us today.


Multi-Currency Pricing (MCP)

MCP amplifies your International sales revenue.  Achieve higher value sales and higher volume conversion.

Provide your eCommerce customers with their familiar local currency with Monex MCP, regardless of where the merchant is based, or where goods are shipped from. 

Remove the need to monitor and reconcile multiple foreign currency accounts and overseas banking relationships. 

Benefit from sophisticated multi-currency, transparent settlement reporting. 

Merchant transactions are settled in the exact transaction amount.

All the benefits with just a simple integration to your existing web site and payment page. 


DCC at Point of Sale (POS)

Frictionless DCC to Boost Your Bottom Line

Monex DCC redefines the acquirer experience with an unrivaled service that generates reliable monthly revenue while completely protecting your business from FX risk.

Customers can choose between paying in their card currency or the local currency at competitive FX rates, displayed upfront for complete clarity. This eliminates confusing calculations at the counter, especially for business travelers, who enjoy the added benefit of faster expense claim submissions.

We equip your retail team with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed.  Our dedicated DCC Training Team provides comprehensive tuition that empowers retail staff to maximize every DCC revenue opportunity.

We understand and assist with all aspects of your POS DCC needs:

  • Supply and installation
  • Competitive FX rate delivery
  • Seamless integration with existing systems
  • Deployment across all environments
  • Detailed transparent reporting

DCC for eCommerce

DCC directly integrates with your payment page and Increases your eCommerce profits . The solution allows international customers the flexibility to pay in their home currency with the benefit of competitive FX rates. DCC transactions in an eCommerce environment typically attract high DCC acceptance response.

The transaction value is presented on the website payment page and the cardholder currency choice is deployed. Integration with a payment gateway is not essential. Monex DCC host exchanges independent, fully secure messaging within the payment page. Solutions are PCIDSS compliant. 

We apply variable DCC margins and adjustable DCC parameters relevant to the website’s product portfolio.

Performance analysis is ongoing to ensure the balance between highly profitable DCC margins and recurring cardholder acceptance. We offer advice and support with the Visa/MasterCard’s DCC certification process.

Insulate your business from FX exposure and benefit from additional monthly revenue with Monex DCC.


Monex introduces FLEX, a perfect solution for acquirers and merchants who require payments in currencies not included in card scheme settlement currencies.

FLEX offers the ability to deliver enhanced merchant services with NO FX risk. merchants benefit from direct settlement in their preferred transaction currency. 

Example merchant transaction scenario:

A merchant sells goods in currency X and wants to receive settlement in the same currency. The transaction is authorized in currency X. The acquiring bank however is unable to support settlement in currency X. The card schemes will settle currency X in an alternate currency e.g. USD, GBP etc.  however the merchant must receive payment in the preferred currency X. This creates a dilemma for the acquirer, will they:

Deal the currency in volatile currency markets? or… Calculate payment currency options for the Merchant? 

FLEX currency settlement solution means NO FX risk to the acquirer. Acquirers can attract and increased Merchant portfolio supported by Monex FLEX.

Monex implements treasury option settlement in up to 160 currencies. We cover all FX risks, so that you don’t have to!   

VAT Refund Processing

Monex has in-depth knowledge of the challenges associated with VAT refunds and payments/refunds to credit cards which creates new revenue for you.

We deliver “click of a button” simplicity for payments/refunds to customer’s cards.

The process is tailored to your requirements and scheduling strategy.

No more long customer queues and increased staff efficiency!

Get this solution up and running with no setup or ongoing fees. 

Implementing the Monex DCC solution will minimise time, effort and costs associated with international transfers and generate an new monthly revenue  for your business.

Rate Management

Monex are experts at foreign exchange (FX) management. We deliver greater transparency than other DCC suppliers. We display margins and uplifts applied on behalf of our clients and share treasury and FX revenue with you.

Our FX management solutions include the supply of a base currency set of rates for local currency.

FX market trading and the provision of up-to-date rates for up to 160 currencies. Rate management software to ensure no changes are required to your existing procedures.

All transactions can be routed for settlement and reconciliation through our  treasury system. Settlement is available in original transaction currency or card currency, or a combination of both. 

We can manage all your foreign and domestic transaction processing with your acquiring bank. We can also support banks unable to accept multi-currency transactions. 

Clients are fully insulated from any FX rate fluctuation, buy/sell rate differential, or treasury dealing rate source commissions.


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