Monex DCC is deployed at more than 79,000 ATMs around the world, creating new revenue for ISOs and IADs. All stakeholders benefits from an ATM DCC initiative, including the cardholder.

We deliver a positive impact to your bottom line with a recurring monthly revenue stream while interaction with your processor interface remains unchanged.   

When using a DCC enabled ATM, this safe, secure, convenient service allows cardholders to withdraw local currency while viewing the transaction amount in both local currency and the currency of the their card. With a simple on-screen DCC offer, the user knows the exact transaction value and will benefit from locking in a competitive FX rate. When your local cardholder uses the same ATM, they do not see a DCC offer.

Real-time DCC request interface response time is less than 100 milli-seconds.


How DCC Works

When a non-domestic card is used at ATM, the cardholder is offered an onscreen visual displaying the withdrawal amount in local currency and the amount in the currency of their card. DCC acceptance means additional revenue for the ATM owner and a competitive FX rate for the cardholder without FX calculations. 

Key Locations

ATMs located in centres of tourism and international business areas deliver the highest ‘conventional’ revenue opportunities. Hotels, Airports, Shopping Malls, Fun Parks, Casinos, Museums, Stadiums are high revenue potential locations. DCC revenue grows with increasing tourism numbers. 

Rates & Margins

We deliver complete disclosure of margins and uplifts applied on behalf of our clients.

Our FX management solutions include the supply of a base currency set of rates for local currency.  Rate management software is customised to ensure no changes are required to your existing systems or procedures.

Missed Income

If DCC is not implemented on your ATMs today, you are missing a revenue opportunity. 

Every time a non-domestic card is used at your ATM, this is an opportunity for additional profits. Use this new revenue stream to offset processing costs. We advise implementing DCC across your complete ATM network for maximum revenue. 

Settlement of Funds

DCC does not introduce any changes or delays to the current settlement . Transactions are authorised and approved via your switch network. Monex’ sophisticated FX treasury solution manages funds and settlement with a transparent margin process leading to maximised profits for your ATM portfolio.


Don't miss out on real revenue!

DCC at ATM generates additional long-term, reliable revenue for your business, while cardholders enjoy the simplicity of a transaction without attempting complicated foreign exchange (FX) calculations. ATM Networks & ISO’s receive revenue from every DCC transaction.

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