Merchant Solutions

Monex DCC is available on over 600,000 POS devices. Experience the financial benefit of intelligent application of DCC margins with adjustable parameters by sales location, high footfall tourist hot spots and high value spend potential. Benefit from ancillary revenue with an easy to use, automated application for POS and eCommerce channels.

Point of Sale

Experience the financial benefit of intelligent application of DCC margins with adjustable DCC parameters by sales location, high tourist footfall,  business traveller hot spots and high value spend potential. Acquirers and merchants benefit from this new ancillary revenue stream with an easy to use, automated application.

Customers enjoy the simplicity of a using their card to pay with no complicated FX calculations required to understand their payment.

Monex DCC solution for POS includes the supply, installation, customisation, integration and deployment in hosted, technical and business environments.

Settlement of Funds

The flow of a DCC or MCP transaction, settlement funds follows the same path to the card schemes as your current process flow. Daily settlements are made in the merchants local currency.  Comprehensive reporting is provided for all transactions daily summarised by currency and card type. Reporting is local currency based. Your current reconciliation procedures are unchanged. Monex provides full transparency and audit trails on all your transactions.

Refunds & Chargebacks

Although the DCC onscreen visual offer reduces the number of chargebacks, some still inevitably occur. Chargebacks and refunds of goods can be a costly administrative expense for merchants. 

Monex manages these rebates directly for our clients. In line with the unique retrieval, chargeback and re-presentment process of the card schemes and banks, the same transaction conversion rate is used.

Merchant Portal

Monex Merchant Portal offers convenient access to all FX transaction data via a secure web based platform. The self-service reporting tool is available 24/7 via PC, tablet and mobile device. The portal is an invaluable asset for historic and instant monitoring of channel performance at acquirer and merchant level. Reporting can be exported to Excel. Review transaction history, terminal performance data and a wide range of analytical reports to enhance revenue performance.

Staff Training

Customer facing staff are encouraged to participate in DCC training and to ensure DCC compliance is adhered to.  Customer facing staff training programs significantly increases DCC acceptance rates, which in turn, maximises DCC potential. Each training exercise is tailored specifically to the merchant needs and time constraints, ensuring minimum impact on the course of business. POS merchant training is offered as a free service to our clients.


We provide eCommerce clients with DCC or MCP solutions or a winning combination of both.

DCC presents your customer an option to pay in their home currency at the payment page.

An MCP currency option can be offered to your customer on the home page MCP provides a local feel to an eCommerce page, regardless of where the Merchant is based, or where goods and services are located.  Alternately, MCP can provide a familiar currency on the payment page.

Combine with your international marketing strategy to achieve higher international sales, higher percentage sales conversion on your web traffic.

DCC & MCP Hybrid Model

Combining DCC & MCP for eCommerce transactions presents the optimal method for additional revenue. This ensures that all currency conversion opportunities, on all payment methods are captured.  

Monex systems support Digital Payments; Amex, PayPal, Apple Pay & Android Pay and deliver real-time exchange rates for 160 currency pairs. 

Fast & Simple Implementation

Monex understands the complexities of implementation and nurture and support clients throughout the life cycle of a project including advise and assistance with card scheme certification. 

We recommend direct connection to the web payment page as the most efficient and revenue-positive way to implement Monex DCC and MCP service.

Settlement of Funds & Cost Recovery

Monex provide a complete treasury management service, trading multiple settled currencies back in your preferred currency. Multi-currency accounts are balanced to zero daily. Merchant transactions are settled in the exact amount of your home currency. All FX exposure removed. We offer an intelligent cost recovery service and full procedure transparency.

Refunds & Chargebacks

Refunds use the transaction rate, as per card scheme regulations. In line with the unique retrieval, chargeback and re-presentment process of each bank, the transaction conversion rates are used. Monex removes the need to monitor and reconcile multiple foreign currency accounts and banking relationships, while offering sophisticated multi-currency settlement reporting.

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